Country NameState NameCount
Puerto RicoAdjuntas47
Puerto RicoAguada346
Puerto RicoAguadilla571
Puerto RicoAguas Buenas113
Puerto RicoAibonito142
Puerto RicoAnasco121
Puerto RicoArecibo478
Puerto RicoArroyo95
Puerto RicoBarceloneta261
Puerto RicoBarranquitas227
Puerto RicoBayamon1502
Puerto RicoCabo Rojo349
Puerto RicoCaguas1038
Puerto RicoCamuy150
Puerto RicoCanovanas180
Puerto RicoCarolina621
Puerto RicoCatano173
Puerto RicoCayey244
Puerto RicoCeiba72
Puerto RicoCiales60
Puerto RicoCidra190
Puerto RicoCoamo148
Puerto RicoComerio52
Puerto RicoCorozal146
Puerto RicoCulebra50
Puerto RicoDorado301
Puerto RicoFajardo345
Puerto RicoGuaanica58
Puerto RicoGuayama215
Puerto RicoGuayanilla109
Puerto RicoGuaynabo545
Puerto RicoGurabo121
Puerto RicoHatillo229
Puerto RicoHormigueros99
Puerto RicoHumacao425
Puerto RicoIsabela274
Puerto RicoJayuya62
Puerto RicoJuana Diaz255
Puerto RicoJuncos160
Puerto RicoLajas111
Puerto RicoLares79
Puerto RicoLas Piedras146
Puerto RicoLoiza60
Puerto RicoLuquillo154
Puerto RicoManati317
Puerto RicoMaunabo36
Puerto RicoMayaguez630
Puerto RicoMoca143
Puerto RicoMorovis113
Puerto RicoNaguabo98
Puerto RicoNaranjito117
Puerto RicoOrocovis70
Puerto RicoOthers27
Puerto RicoPatillas71
Puerto RicoPea±uelas67
Puerto RicoPonce1138
Puerto RicoQuebradillas115
Puerto RicoRincon186
Puerto RicoRio Grande201
Puerto RicoSabana Grande70
Puerto RicoSalinas141
Puerto RicoSan German144
Puerto RicoSan Juan4851
Puerto RicoSan Lorenzo95
Puerto RicoSan Sebastian177
Puerto RicoSanta Isabel95
Puerto RicoToa Alta199
Puerto RicoToa Baja373
Puerto RicoTrujillo Alto277
Puerto RicoUtuado147
Puerto RicoVega Alta169
Puerto RicoVega Baja286
Puerto RicoVieques106
Puerto RicoVillalba121
Puerto RicoYabucoa107
Puerto RicoYauco167
What Is The 2 Digit Code Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: PR
What Is The Capital Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: San Juan
What Is The Area In Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: 9104
What Is The Population Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: 3195153
What Is The Continent Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: North America
What Is The 3 Digit Currency Code Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: USD
What Is The Currency Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: Dollar
What Is The Phone Number Code Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: +1-787 And 1-939
What Is The Postal Codes Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: #####-####
What Are The Neighbouring Countries Of Puerto Rico Country?
What Are The Languages Of Puerto Rico Country?
Ans: Spanish